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yaninayoga brings simple gifts to your life

yaninayoga brings simple gifts to your life


What is yaninayoga?

It’s about Breathing into LIFE

It’s about Stretching & Flowing to create & maintain BALANCE on ALL levels of BEING

It’s about Healing Thought Patterns & Releasing past trauma ~ to bring about PEACE in the Present Moment

 As you familarise yourself with yaninayoga – you will find a WEALTH of Easy Useful Tested & Proven Strategies to Support & Nuture your Mind / Body / Soul on this journey we call LIFE.

the MAGIC of this type of space
– is the ability to connect & share with you the diversity of tools that actually WORK.
– to get your feedback/comments/suggestions.
– to link you with others who are exploring simular realms of possibility & Natural Healing.

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