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Sunrise over Pacific Ocean - Palm Beach QLD

Sunrise over Pacific Ocean – Palm Beach QLD

On Easter Saturday  morning while sitting with the sunrise over Palm Beach QLD, it occurred to me that somewhere on Earth, at every moment there was a sunrise. And at the exact same time, a sunset also. Just because I am fixed into one place and fail to encounter the perpetual sunrise, doesn’t negate its’ existence.

This thought led me to acknowledge how it is in the ‘random-ness’ of our 24hour gap before next sunrise (which we encounter in other parts of the world by travel) that we celebrate uniqueness and project a specialness onto this daily event.

A delightful sunrise over the Swan River in Perth WA February 2008.

I remember sitting with a delightful sunrise over the Swan River in Perth WA February 2008. And another special sunrise over Darwin NT October 2010 shared with my son and his lady.

Sunrise over Darwin NT October 2010 shared with my son and his lady

Sitting on Palm Beach 30-3-13 I watched the other people on the beach out for a morning walk or jog, some with a pet dog, others setting up to do some early morning fishing; but most failed to stop and just BE with the emerging Sun on the horizon. Seagulls and other birds celebrated the imminent emergence of our star,  while most were caught up in their own early morning ritual.

Once the golden orb was fully above the horizon and daylight bathed the land, it was time to return home feeling invigorated and grateful for a new day dawning.


I celebrate new beginnings ~ each breath is a celebration of my Life Force, my connection to ‘All That Is’ & a new moment in awareness.

 I celebrate new beginnings ~ each breath is a celebration of my Life Force, my connection to ‘All That Is’ & a new moment in awareness.


YaninaYoga provides a calm environment for natural healing

Regular Remedial Health Massage promotes Rejuvenation & Relaxation

Many times I hear people say “my job is killing me” or “my back is killing me” and similar statements that suggest their stress levels are extremely high. Many are experiencing pain as a result of over-work or a job related injury (such as RSI, strains & sprains, anxiety and depression).

My suggestion of – reducing the workload in some way, is often met with the following replies “cost of living too high”; “mortgage/credit card has to be paid”; “love my work, would be lost without it”; “can’t afford to stop”; “no one to replace me” …and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, we often work week after week forgetting  the need to balance our activity with healthy rest/relaxation. Although “a few beers in front of the telly” constitutes rest to many a hard worker; there are also some simple healthy alternatives that could compliment any current lifestyle.

YOGA is one practice that is gentle, yet powerful for boosting the whole body/mind/spirit. Yoga is ALL about balance ~ a weekly session aids relaxation, flexibility, self-awareness and brings peace. Balance between work and rest/relaxation is often the key to surviving our work commitments, and avoiding illness/injury.

Regular Remedial Health Massage is another wonderful way to bring balance to the whole system – mind/body/spirit. In the past many have held the misconception that Remedial or Therapeutic Massage is mainly to aid recovery from injury – this is a bit like putting the ‘cart before the horse’. Many people (myself included) are committed to regular Massages (every 2 weeks for me, while for others 3/or 4weeks).

 Regular Remedial Health Massage brings a multitude of benefits. Tune into  my Facebook page (hit the LIKE button) to be connected with the many advantages posted each day throughout this month. Or visit my website and leave a contact email address to gain more information. Here is what other people have to say about the many gains to be enjoyed. Why wait for pain/injury/illness …incorporate Therapeutic/Remedial Massage into your regular monthly activities ~ develop a new health habit!!



Meditation /Relaxation is aides by our Breath.

Meditation /Relaxation is aided by Awareness of Breathing Techniques.


How we are Breathing plays a major role in our ability to Relax, Meditate and Heal Stress related Symptoms in our body.

Although there are many forms of Meditation, the most basic type we can use is to Follow our Breath ( Technique explained in the Introduction of this series).  Another Simple Candle Meditation that will Still the Mind and Soothe the Soul is – Read the rest of this entry »

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