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Today is the first day of spring 2010. As we come out of the chilly winter season (as chilly as it gets in tropical QLD) I have been pondering the significance of springtime in this part of the world – the Southern Hemisphere. We all relate springtime to the warming of our weather after chills of winter; the re-emergence of plant growth; the renewal of many animal species = eg birds are nesting and raising young. And ‘the coming out’ of winter hibernation into a time of increased activity.

It struck me that – although springtime in Northern Hemisphere occurs in March when the Sun in sign of Pisces; in the South our spring occurs in sign of Virgo – bringing us collectively into a whole different focus each time. Read the rest of this entry »


Have you ever wondered why you feel like ‘crap’ when you don’t get enough sleep?? – YES — it’s because you are ‘crappy’ – The TRUTH is you didn’t give your body a chance to DETOX – so you are feeling crap cause your system is clogged with toxins & gunk that is normally/Naturally cleared away while you snooze!!
Next time you get the chance to observe someone in a deep sleep – don’t tickle their feet to wake em up!! Instead, sit with them for awhile & try and pace your breathing (remember, make sure they are in a deep sleep) with theirs.
VERY QUICKLY you will notice how deep & long & slow each breath is!! Read the rest of this entry »

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