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U R special, unique, amazing, talented, precious, magnificient, innocent, creative …….& safe ~ just like EVERYBODY ELSE

Welcome back my Love ~ your aliveness is a Gift to the World … I cherish you in my Life!

Unfortunately for many of us, this wasn’t our initial experience – our existence was unplanned or perhaps unwanted by our parents (or that is the impression our ego mind holds). This belief/thought was upheld by a traumatic birth and re-enforced by parental disapproval, difficult school & social experiences … now followed by recurring issues in adult relationships.

Issues of sexual promiscuity, emotional aloofness or ‘overly clingy’ behaviour have been traced to self-loathing & criticism that spills out to others around us and into the wider world. We find ourselves addicted to rejection, or rejecting anyone who genuinely tries to love us. Did you know – You are the Ultimate Healer in your Life (just as I am in mine) and we each have many choices for correcting the lies (based on events at birth & in early childhood) that limit our freedom and bliss. Read the rest of this entry »

In the womb baby is insulated & protected as he/she grows & develops. All needs are supplied until baby is ready to emerge.

In the womb baby is insulated & protected as he/she grows & develops. All needs are supplied until baby is ready to emerge.

For most of us, the first Separation Trauma was felt at our birth. That experience of leaving the womb and separating from our mother as the cord was cut and we took our first breath. Yet evidence of Separation Trauma is most often
recognised in very young children (0-7years) as they are parted from a parent or someone to whom they have become attached. With this type of Separation Trauma it is common to witness anger, screaming, tears, sadness and devastation as the raw emotions are expressed.

Gradually as we ‘grow up’ we learn to ‘cope’ with this trauma by burying it or hiding it by using various pacifiers. Until eventually we have ‘forgotten’ the existence of separation trauma until we begin to form close relationships (best friends/lovers etc). Mild forms of Separation Trauma can surface when our loved one/other leaves us to go to work each day or away for a weekend or extended vacation. Read the rest of this entry »

This Secret Life of the Unborn Child is put together from glimpses of awareness gained by clients in Rebirth/Breathwork Sessions; where the aim is to gradually heal the Birth Trauma locked deep inside our mind/body/soul.

'The Secret Life of Unborn Child'

'The Secret Life of Unborn Child'

WEEK 28:
I have survived the 1st and 2nd trimester. Despite being unwanted at first, my mum has decided to continue the pregnancy. I still feel unwanted but glad to be alive. I have plenty of room to move in here and all my needs are supplied to me. Read the rest of this entry »

“My Husband/Lover has left me for another woman – I feel like stabbing ‘him/her’ to death!!!!”

Here are some very important elements to consider when facing this kind of plight

1.   Know that is OK,  AND perfectly normal to be having these feelings in this type of circumstance

2.   Know that this situation (these feelings of helplessness, rage & pain) WILL ease & WILL pass

3.   You have the Power, Wisdom & Universal Support to move through this turbulence in your own time

4.   You are NEVER alone with your painful feelings, confusion or turmoil – We ALL have these experiences at various times in our lives – often bringing up Anger & Rage that we attribute to the ‘cause’
Read the rest of this entry »

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