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Sunrise over Pacific Ocean - Palm Beach QLD

Sunrise over Pacific Ocean – Palm Beach QLD

On Easter Saturday  morning while sitting with the sunrise over Palm Beach QLD, it occurred to me that somewhere on Earth, at every moment there was a sunrise. And at the exact same time, a sunset also. Just because I am fixed into one place and fail to encounter the perpetual sunrise, doesn’t negate its’ existence.

This thought led me to acknowledge how it is in the ‘random-ness’ of our 24hour gap before next sunrise (which we encounter in other parts of the world by travel) that we celebrate uniqueness and project a specialness onto this daily event.

A delightful sunrise over the Swan River in Perth WA February 2008.

I remember sitting with a delightful sunrise over the Swan River in Perth WA February 2008. And another special sunrise over Darwin NT October 2010 shared with my son and his lady.

Sunrise over Darwin NT October 2010 shared with my son and his lady

Sitting on Palm Beach 30-3-13 I watched the other people on the beach out for a morning walk or jog, some with a pet dog, others setting up to do some early morning fishing; but most failed to stop and just BE with the emerging Sun on the horizon. Seagulls and other birds celebrated the imminent emergence of our star,  while most were caught up in their own early morning ritual.

Once the golden orb was fully above the horizon and daylight bathed the land, it was time to return home feeling invigorated and grateful for a new day dawning.


I celebrate new beginnings ~ each breath is a celebration of my Life Force, my connection to ‘All That Is’ & a new moment in awareness.

 I celebrate new beginnings ~ each breath is a celebration of my Life Force, my connection to ‘All That Is’ & a new moment in awareness.




My first encounter with Amma happened Saturday 17th April 2004. At the time I described it in my diary like this …” at 1.02am after lining up on my knees & waiting at least 4hours (got to venue at 6pm aprox & waited ages to get into hall – then heard a taped speech by Amma on the need for the feminine to reclaim her power as healer & nurturer of all – men, children & planet as her-self).

As I approached Amma I noticed so many others looking adoringly at her as if drugged or ‘high’. . . Then I knelt before her and she clasped my head & drew me to her left breast – it felt so soft. I breathed & relaxed a bit when I realised I was holding back a bit. I felt a lightness like I was resting into a soft cloud; Read the rest of this entry »

I release you & set you free ~ my love has no agenda of entrapment, only recognition of the wisdom & beauty within us all

I release you & set you free ~ my love has no agenda of entrapment, only recognition of the wisdom & beauty within us all

Our ego mind loves to perpetuate its most familiar state. If used to struggle (often first experienced at birth) & disappointment, or drama & conflict it will seek to continue this familiar pattern throughtout our lives; even in the most ideal loving  relationships.  ~~**Through awareness we CAN break this pattern**~~

  Serial monogamy and the inability to be faithful (inability to make a commitment & honour it) are often symptoms of beliefs based on insecurity and fear. It is said that we first need to know & trust ourselves before being able to make a genuine commitment to another. Take time to be with yourself ~ get to know the unique multi-facetted you!

Rebuilding a healthy ego mind state is like planting & tending a garden = regular maintenance will bring best results.

We need to keep ‘weeding out’ the destructive thoughts that bring NEGATIVE results or cause pain and replace them with THE TRUTH/ ‘feel good’/happy thoughts that bring connection, safety, harmony, health & wealth.

TRUST yourself ~TRUST the process of Life ~TRUST we are always in the right place involved in the right activity~ KNOW TRUST & AFFIRM= I AM innocent ~ no need to suffer  … I AM innocent ~ I deserve Love & Joy & safety now I AM innocent ~ No matter what! … I AM innocent ~ I can let go of ALL pain/dis-ease NOW … I AM innocent ~ therefore I trust myself – I trust others to Love & nurture me without debt … I AM innocent ~ I can live as long as I choose in health & wealth NOW

I AM innocent ~ success is natural = fun is natural = Life is natural … I AM innocent ~ I am at peace – I can relax now … I AM innocent ~ I now trust my Inner Wisdom … I AM innocent ~ therefore my body is a safe & pleasurable place for me… I AM innocent ~ therefore it is EASY for me to forgive – I forgive myself & others easliy & effortlessly  … I AM innocent ~ therefore I know I AM totally Good Enough, Worthy & Wanted ~ Now & Always


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This morning, my footprints were the first ones in the sand on the southern end of Palm Beach Gold Coast Australia. The ocean was calm – a low tide revealing lots of interesting seashells. The planet Jupiter (9degree Taurus) and the ¾ Moon in Gemini were directly above as I walked slowly south absorbing all the sights and sounds of this early spring morning.

I breathed in deeply the smell of the sea and delighted in the sounds of the twittering birds excited about the new day about to dawn. It is a wonderful rarity to have the beach entirely to myself. A time of communing with nature, reflecting on my life situations and gaining clarity of purpose.

I read somewhere recently that 9 out of 10 animal species are found in the ocean – if true, no wonder I feel so alive when near it!


 It was a surprise to see Currumbin Creek so low, with sandbanks in some unusual places – looked as if I could easily walk across to the other side. Yet, this is normally quite a deep and busy thoroughfare for boats and lots of other watercraft. Read the rest of this entry »

Today is the first day of spring 2010. As we come out of the chilly winter season (as chilly as it gets in tropical QLD) I have been pondering the significance of springtime in this part of the world – the Southern Hemisphere. We all relate springtime to the warming of our weather after chills of winter; the re-emergence of plant growth; the renewal of many animal species = eg birds are nesting and raising young. And ‘the coming out’ of winter hibernation into a time of increased activity.

It struck me that – although springtime in Northern Hemisphere occurs in March when the Sun in sign of Pisces; in the South our spring occurs in sign of Virgo – bringing us collectively into a whole different focus each time. Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh air & sunshine

Fresh air & sunshine

There is something very healing and uplifting about getting out into nature – breathing deeply as you absorb the sights and sounds arround you.




It was a magnificient early morning on Currumbin Beach – the sky was clear, the ocean was very refreshing, and the sweet smell of salt was in the air as we walked amongst the incredible sculptures at the Swell Sculpture Festival 2009.


The Swell Exhibition opened on 11 September and has been attracting lots of interest from locals and visitors.
This unique collection of art pieces represents a massive creative talent – I feel very lucky to have free access to this event each year.

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