2015 Year of Gathering

2015 Year of Gathering

Intro – My story / pop Astrology / Astrology for Healing/Growth 

I found Astrology to be a guiding light at a time in my life when many things were topsy turvy. Astrology helped me recognise that I was  in the midst of my first Saturn Return (28 to 30 years of age) AND there was light at the end of the tunnel PLUS a purpose for the ‘crazy’ situations I found myself in.

I wanted a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and my role in the whole picture – Astrology seemed to help bring clarity and common sense into the various struggles I found myself in. Although the ‘pop’ Astrology of magazines and newspapers were often a bit of fun – I sensed there was much more to this ancient craft/wisdom/language. Pop Astrology does have its basis in the positions & relationships of the planets to each other AND to the general energy of our Sun Sign – MOST people know what their Sun Sign is (the part of the Zodiac the Sun was in on the day we were born). YET if we want to work more constructively with ASTROLOGY we need to have a more refined tool = the Birth Chart.

Before studying & becoming an Astrologer myself, I found that unknowingly I would seek guidance from a professional at significant crossroads in my life. By exploring my Birth Chart the Astrologer could highlight the dynamics around me at that time. Each consultation helped me to see an overview of the lessons/events from the perspective of my soul level. Being A Sun Sagittarius (truth seeker) and Moon Scorpio (detective)  with Gemini Ascendant (together with the other placements in my Birth Chart) it is natural for me to gravitate towards learning, understanding and sharing knowledge.

Cycles within Cycles – Birth Chart/ Solar Return Chart

WE are all living CYCLES within CYCLES. Astrologically = as the Sun rises & sets each DAY we have the 24hour cycle. Multiplied by 365 we have the yearly CYCLE. From one birthday to the next is our own SOLAR CYCLE (a SOLAR RETURN CHART is another helpful tool for optimum working with this 12month cycle). In the celestial scheme of everything we have ‘The GREAT CYCLE’ 26,000 years AND beyond that the Mayan Culture also acknowledged a ‘GALACTIC CYCLE’ of 16 billion years!

MY personal experience (as a YOGI – student/teacher of yoga & Breathworker/Rebirther) with cycles IS that EACH BREATH can be a cycle AND a full/complete Breathwork/Rebirth Session can BE another CYCLE of powerful healing/meditation/release/regeneration. The CYCLE of life = birth, death, rebirth continues all around AND within US.

Our Birth Chart is our own unique ‘road map for life’ – a slice of the sky at the exact time & place we were born ( typical hospital birth scenario). Each Chart is divided into 12 HOUSES where the PLANETS are and has an ASCENDENT / DECENDENT representing the HORIZON at time of BIRTH. The SIGN / ELEMENT / POSITION of each PLANET within our Birth Chart (AND Solar Return Chart (SR) or Progressed Chart) has much wisdom to share with us about our strengths, our challenges, our unconscious behaviours AND our current growth CYCLE.

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Transits – General & Personal 

To me – the SIGNIFIGANT energies of each New Year are the TRANSITS of the PLANETS in relation to my Personal Planets – My Birth Chart. EACH Transit cycle symbolises a focus on certain aspects of my life = a bit like a spotlight on!

The MOON is the fastest moving body in our Zodiac. It takes only 28days (beginning at each NEM MOON) to complete one CYCLE and travel through each sign; spending just 2 & 1/2 DAYS in each sign.  The MOON is connected to our emotional being, our unconscious & reactive self, our moods, the oceans & tides, to plant life AND to our Past Lives; this makes the cycles of MOON highly interesting to ME.

All the other PLANETs / ASTEROIDs also have their own cycles (ie Mercury approx 13 months, Mars approx 2 & 1/2 years) which means they too make TRANSIT aspects of various time spans to our Birth Chart. Many are observed to have RETROGRADE movement = where they appear to move backwards in a part of the ZODIAC for a period of time = signifying a time of review.

The outer PLANETS like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto can spend long periods of time in just one SIGN. When they make a TRANSIT to a part of our Birth Chart it often symbolises a progressive personal shift that can often bring our biggest lessons AND greatest resistance.

All TRANSITS signal environmental changes for learning growth & healing.

My Observations

At the beginning of each NEW YEAR most of us change our calendars and our personal diary. My ritual for many years has included ADDING my own personal transits AND each of the MOON positions to the dairies & calendars – so that at any given time I have added awareness of some of the energies around & within me. This personalising of the dairy/calendar is something we have to do for ourselves – I am not aware of any Astrology Program or Service that would do it.

This behaviour is NOT about hiding away on a transit that may be more difficult. Rather about taking extra awareness into every challenge AND every day.

Significant Energies of 2015

With this new beginning of 2015 there are many excellent Astrologers who have written extensively about the TRANSITS/ energies in the 12months ahead. I will not re-invent the wheel …links to some fantastic writings are below (Maggi Kerr – a brilliant Gold Coast Astrologer has written a comprehensive 30page report on 2015 = highly recommend you start there).

My observations are MOSTLY geared to the personal influences of each New Year. YET there are many significant patterns that ARE standing out for me impacting on the collective 2015.

I cast a Solar Return Chart for NYE Brisbane Australia (to me it is relevant where I am at the beginning of a new cycle – same for you). The first observation was the Moon in Taurus (ELEMENT: Earth – Venus ruling Planet) THEN looking throughout 2015 we have 11 full Moon Cycles (28 days each) AND we finish 2015 with Moon in Virgo (ELEMENT: Earth also). With Pluto (transformation/renewal/death&rebirth) also in the ELEMENT: Earth throughout 2015; plus Jupiter going into Virgo (ELEMENT: Earth) midyear – suggests some practical opportunities abound.

North Node in Libra (12th House) suggests that the goal for 2015 calls for BALANCE between the spiritual & material (SR Chart for GMT has North Node in 1st House giving different goal). Also reflected by Libra Ascendant.

Still on the subject of MOON in 2015 – I notice that in the 1st quarter we have 4 Full Moons (a time when hidden emotions may surface/ resurface; unconscious can become conscious depending on how it impacts in our own Birth Chart) around 14 DEGREEs

  • Jan 5th ..14 Cancer opp Pluto sq Uranus
  • Feb 4th ..14 Leo
  • Mar 6th ..14 Virgo
  • Apr 4th ..14 Libra = total Lunar Eclipse sq Uranus/ Pluto

The significance of the 14 DEGREE point in our Charts continues when we notice that transiting Jupiter 14 Leo trines Uranus 14 Aries 28 FEB to 11 MAR = ELEMENT: Fire. This ‘Fire Trine’ occurs again between Jupiter & Uranus at 19 degree 17- 27 JUN.

On 29 & 30 JUN Venus 20 Leo trines Uranus 20 Aries ELEMENT: Fire.

When we look at the transits/travels of Mercury it is the ELEMENT: Air that will MOST feel impacted when all 3 Retrograde Cycles happen in AIR SIGNS

JAN 22 R@ 17 Aquarius …TO… FEB 12 D@ 1 Aquarius 18

MAY 31 R@ 8 Gemini 48 …TO… JUN 12 D@ 4 Gemini 33

SEP 18 R@ 15 Libra 55 …TO… OCT 1o D@ 0 Libra 54

Throughout 2015 Planet Neptune slowly moves from 5 … 9 degree Pisces ELEMENT: Water. On  JUN 13 goes R@ 9 Pisces 49 …TO… NOV 19 D@ 7 Pisces 01. Saturn also spends a brief revisit to ELEMENT: Water JUN 15 R@ 29 Scorpio …TO… AUG 3 D@ 28 Scorpio 17 …leaving SEP 18( anyone with late degree Scorpio significant in their Charts will be impacted most at this time).

LINKS to Astrologers (I respect) who are talking about 2015

LINK4Maggi:   http://www.universalastrology.com.au/pdf/2015-Astrology-Report-and-Horoscopes-Maggie-Kerr.pdf

LINK4personal info from Narelle: http://narellesastro.com/blog/archives/490?utm_source=Astro+Newsletter&utm_campaign=dc84d92c68-January_2015_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a934584f78-dc84d92c68-304831841&mc_cid=dc84d92c68&mc_eid=3d1c1c6e06    =

LINK4personal from Tina Mews: http://nimbin-starloom.com.au/forecasts.html

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