The intention & experience (for many) is to harmonise within so that the body can return to optimum health & well-being. This gentle nurturing therapy is one simple way to access deeper states of relaxation & healing.

The client relaxes in a comfortable position & continues to relax deeper & deeper as the harmonic chimes are activated & placed around the body. As the chimes continue to be played intuitively by the practitioner; the body is bathed in a warm cocoon of sound resonance/vibration which assists the client to enjoy subtle shifts & releases of energy blockages. The physical & light bodies are re-aligned with the Universal Resonance, while the brain waves slow down to give deeper states of relaxation as everyday problems/worry/anxiety are left behind.


Many of my regular  Therapeutic Health  Massage clients are now enjoying an extra half-hour of Harmonic Healing on top of their massage. Most have enjoyed the extra healing dimension immensely. Others are finding that just one half-hour Energy Balance/Harmonic Healing brings delicious respite from stress = be it ill-health, over-worked or while facing major life challenges. When performed in a quiet supportive environment this simple, enjoyable & delightful natural healing method works very quickly to bring about deep feelings of relaxation & well-being.

grounding.stress.300   The mechanics of this therapy combine the ancient wisdom of the Chakras/Energy Centers/Meridians that flow throughout the body (taught in both Yogic & Vedic texts and in Chinese wisdom); with the basic laws of sound/harmonic spectrum – fundamental frequencies of sound/energy dynamics. “Through music it is possible to change the rhythm of the brainwaves, as well as the heart beat and respiration” says Harmonic Healing expert, Workshop Facilitator & supplier of 100% Australian made Elfin Energy Chimes ~  Elvina Munir BA AMusA.  Elvina also states “Positive responses to sound healing have also been observed in the nervous system and endocrine systems, which in turn enhances the immune system. Music allows us to transcend everyday consciousness while remaining in a normal waking state, evoking a psycho-physiologic response where abstract thinking is slowed down, time dissolves and deep relaxation ensues.” Elvina is also linked to an interesting project called ‘Peace in the Water’ which explores ‘power of the pod’ = an organisation aligned to the mission of raising planetary consciousness for the benefit of Mother Earth and Humanity. Website:   CLICK for wonderful selection of Peace in the Water Music for download.

sound.light.300collectiveField.300Our ears are our connection to all parts of the body – to balance & to spacial information. Ears were the first fully formed organ in our body as a foetus (3rd or 4th month of gestation). Through the ears there is a direct connection to the brain via the auditory nerve, and therefore – connection to every other part of the body through the nervous system. As a Professional Rebirth Practitioner, I was most interested to learn that while in the womb we were more likely to hear the higher frequency sounds. Therefore, hearing higher frequency sounds can assist in healing womb trauma.

For a wealth of information on the mechanics of sound =VISIT these resource links ….. Elvina Munir website:  ….. Power of Sound by Joshua Leeds  websites / book:  …..Healing Music – A Closer Look by Amrita Cottrel blog:  ….. Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics by Jonathan Goldman website:   YouTube:  book:  …..Sound Therapy – Music to Recharge Your Brain by Patricia Joudry  -website /book:

nadis.300 The Energy Systems of the body – known as Chakras are connected to the non-physical channel running up the centre of the body called ‘Sushumma’ = two alternate channels control yin & yang energies – twisting figure 8 patterns around each Chakra alongside the Sushumma. These channels are among thousands of subtle energy channels called ‘Nadis’ a Sanskrit word for ‘flowing water’ Yin/Yang Male/Female Sun/Moon Right/Left. The Left side of the body is ‘run’ by the Right half of the brain; while the Right side of the body is ‘run’ by the Left brain. These opposite polarities of energy (called Ida & Pingala in Sanskrit) meet in the first Chakra & again in the sixth. Each Chakra spins in opposite direction to the one above & below it = acting like ‘gears’ meshing together to move subtle energy up & down the spine. Here is some basic information about each Chakra found in the Excellent Book Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith PH D.


yang – masculine …our beginning, foundation, grounding/support …COLOUR – red  ..SENSE – smell  ..LOCATION – perineum, base of the spine  ..TONE/MANTRA – C /LAM “OO” ..GEM STONE – jasper, ruby, garnet, hematite  ..ESSENTIAL OIL – cedar, myrrh, marjoram ..MALFUNCTION –   ..PLANET – Earth, Saturn  ..ELEMENT – earth  ..PURPOSEstillness, survival ..FOODS – meat/proteins = foundation foods often take longer to digest & are grounding.


yin – feminie …our receptivity, emotions, feelings …COLOUR – orange  ..SENSE – taste  ..LOCATION – sacrum, slightly below navel ..TONE/MANTRA – D /VAM “OO” ..GEM STONE – moonstone, carnelian, coral, yellow zircon  ..ESSENTIAL OIL – sandalwood, ylang ylang ..MALFUNCTION – sexual problems, urinary troubles  ..PLANET – Moon ..ELEMENT – water  ..PURPOSElet go = create flow ..FOODS – liquids = pass through body & help cleanse


yang – masculine  …power, assertiveness, self-esteem ..COLOUR – yellow  ..SENSE – sight  ..LOCATION – solar plexus, just below ribs ..TONE/MANTRA – E /RAM “OH” ..GEM STONE – citrine, amber, tiger eye, topaz ..ESSENTIAL OIL – lemon, thyme, chamomile, ginger ..MALFUNCTION – digestive troubles, chronic fatigue, hypertension  ..PLANET – Mars, Sun  ..ELEMENT – fire  ..PURPOSEtransformation, choice ..FOODS – starches, whole grains = easily converted to energy food (addiction to energy food shows imbalance in this Chakra – excess sugar/energy foods deplete 3rd Chakra).


yin – feminie …essence, centre of life/love, compassion, harmony ..COLOUR – green  ..SENSE – touch  ..LOCATION – centre of chest/heart ..TONE/MANTRA – F /YAM “AH” ..GEM STONE – emerald, jade, rose quartz, tourmaline  ..ESSENTIAL OIL – geranium, rose, bergamot ..MALFUNCTION – asthma, coronary disease, lung disease ..PLANET – Venus  ..ELEMENT – air  ..PURPOSEopening, neutrality  ..FOODS – vegetables = a product of cosmic & Earth processes in natural balance (a product of photosynthesis)


yang – masculine …sound, rhythm, vibration, communication  ..COLOUR – blue  ..SENSE – hearing  ..LOCATION –  throat ..TONE/MANTRA – G /HAM “EH” ..GEM STONE – aquamarine, turquoise ..ESSENTIAL OIL – lavender, sage, neroli ..MALFUNCTION –  sore throat, neck & shoulder pain, thyroid troubles ..PLANET – Mercury  ..ELEMENT – ether/spirit (known as universal element)  ..PURPOSEconnecting, purification  ..FOODS – fruits = said to be highest in chain because when ripe they fall to ground without harm to plant or animals in harvest. they travel through the body faster of all solid foods


yin – feminie …intuition, visualisation & manifestation  ..COLOUR – indigo  ..SENSE – nil  ..LOCATION – between eye brows ..TONE/MANTRA – A /KSHAM “EE” nasal ..GEM STONE – lapis lazuli, sapphire, quartz ..ESSENTIAL OIL – jasmine, patchouli ..MALFUNCTION – vision problems, headaches, nightmares   ..PLANET – Jupiter, Neptune  ..ELEMENT – light  ..PURPOSEseeing – it is not really our eyes that see, but our minds  ..FOODS – no specific foods relate here. Fasting is most connected to 6&7 Chakras.


beyond duality  …conscious thought, transcendence, immanence  ..COLOUR – violet ..SENSE – nil  ..LOCATION – top of head ..TONE/MANTRA – B /hum “EE” ..GEM STONE – amethyst, diamond ..ESSENTIAL OIL – frankincense, lotus ..MALFUNCTION – depression, alienation, confusion ..PLANET – Uranus ..ELEMENT – thought ..PURPOSEknowing, enlightenment  ..FOODS – fasting is most connected to 6&7 Chakras.



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