FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real

The idea both frightened & fascinated me – it was 1988 when I first heard about it – I was speaking to someone who had done it easily & effortlessly. It was something I had to do! But, I had sat by a campfire many times & felt the heat…I had burnt my hands taking a cake or casserole out of the oven – I was not sure – to walk on FIRE – could it be done? It was August 1988. I was amongst a group of people who were warm, friendly, loving & aware of their potential on this planet. I felt great appreciation for their gentle but firm belief in themselves – I knew I would need to have the same belief in myself to accomplish this fearful task.

The opportunity arose in May 1989 to attend a Firewalk Seminar in Brisbane on Thursday the 9th at 6pm. As the date approached, I felt apprehensive but compelled to take the challenge. It had been raining on & off for weeks, but the week of the seminar it was flooding. And after many ‘yes-no’ situations, I was unable to get transport to Brisbane that week (was living in Bundaberg – 5 hours away by road). My disappointment was overwhelming – had my FEAR won??

Two months later another seminar was being held at Bardon Community Centre Brisbane. The weather was perfect. My friends were supportive, although full of jokes about burnt feet & ‘pizza face’. I caught a taxi to the centre feeling very excited & frightened at the same time. “Will I be able to do this? What if I did get burned? What if I couldn’t do it in front of all these people?”

There were about 30 people attending this seminar – all friendly, ordinary looking and some expressing the same FEARs as myself. There were even some children attending who had walked as many as 6 times – surely I could!? As the seminar progressed my FEAR did not dissipate. We all took part in building the fire out of huge blocks of ironbark wood. When it was lit, it was the most magnificent fire I had ever seen. We all formed a circle around the fire about 2 metres away from the heat (which was extreme) and enjoyed a time of connection with the powerful element of fire.

 As the fire burned down slightly, we moved inside the hall again – to do some more preparation before the walk. Shortly afterwards, I could hear sirens in the distance. Until they were right outside the hall window, I had not connected them with what we were doing. One of the neighbours had made a complaint believing we were ‘witches’ around the fire! The fire was extinguished. My anger & disappointment were intense. Had my FEAR won??

You know what ‘they’ say – third time lucky! On 16th June 1990 I was picked up by friends & we drove up the mountains outside Brisbane to Mt Nebo. It was early evening & very cool (winter time in QLD). I was surprised to meet a number of people I hadn’t seen for over a year. The group was about 45 strong. Before the seminar started, we chatted and investigated the site of the fire – as it would be night by the time we came outside again.

The introductions were made, indemnity forms signed, FEARs expressed & intentions set. Then the fire was built – a beautiful raw energy …& very hot!!

Back inside, the group was different – the reality of our purpose was hard-hitting. Our FEAR was on the surface & VERY ‘REAL’. The practice walks inside were emotional for some & powerful for others. I was beginning to know that I could walk on fire. I wanted to get out there & do it while I felt so confident!! It was about 11.30pm and the group was ready! Shoes & socks were removed. We were silent as we filed out to the hot coals glowing crimson/orange with tails of fire.

David was first – he had nurtured the fire all night while we were inside – it was number 8 for him. He walked purposely & easily with none of the preparation we had done. Pauline, the instructor, was next followed by another & another. As I watched I was caught up in their victory of this element and the wonderful support of the group. My turn was approaching. I felt myself hanging back. A meat ant changed my mind – it bit me twice on my right foot & I decided I’d rather walk the fire than stay and get bitten again!

I stepped up to the edge of the coals …could feel the heat below me …took several deep breaths (Breathwork/Rebirthing was the MOST important aspect of the seminar) as I told myself ‘I CAN DO THIS’ and lifted my eyes to focus above & past the end of the fire. As I held my focus, I stepped onto the coals. Eight steps in all – fairly brisk. I could feel the fire around the edges of my feet, but the soles where I touched the coals were comfortable. I was filled with awe & wonder at the feat I was accomplishing. Yes, I was very aware of the heat – I even had a small coal stuck between my toes when I reached the end of the walk. As I put my feet in the bowl of water provided, I was aware of a few hotspots on the soles of my feet which were less comfortable than the 2 meat ant bites I received  before walking.

Everyone walked successfully, and a few even went over twice. I didn’t feel the need to walk twice – I had found my ‘legitimate FEAR’ (F– false E– evidence A– appearing R– real) to be obsolete & my victory over it was complete.

I have walked on FIRE & it was so EASY!

Original copy written 1990 for a speech …Janina Rozycki 2014