Eclipse astrology Charts 14.11.12 & 29.4.14
Eclipse Links Visible

Flipping through my ephemeris this week I discovered a rare Eclipse called ‘A non C’ – it was a term that I had never heard mentioned before and led me on a journey of research and discovery…. this is what I found…

In Life & Astrology amongst the ‘cycles within cycles’ lots of exciting events occur. When it comes to the Eclipse Cycle (often called the Saros Cycle), it has been found that an Eclipse will return to the same sign and house every 18years and the opposite sign and house every 9years. Therefore when we are seeking to understand the significances of an Eclipse in our own Life – look back 18 years or 9 years and check for a link to current circumstances.

 Eclipses are linked to the position North and South Nodes which are known by Astrologers to be symbolic of our Soul’s Destiny – the journey from the ‘comfortable’ & familiar past towards the often unknown future.  It is wise to consult a Professional Astrologer if you wish to discover the relevance of any planetary events to your own Life Path/Birth Chart. There is also LOTS of links between Religion & Eclipses.

This writing is about two upcoming Eclipses important in Australia. The first is a Total Solar Eclipse (a New Moon – Sun conjunct Moon, when the Moon will pass between the Earth & Sun causing darkness) on this Wednesday 14.11.12 at 8.10am- visible in North Queensland Australia and parts of the Pacific. The second is the rare ‘A non C’ event on Tuesday 29.4.14 at 4.14pm (a New Moon – Sun conjunct Moon; Annular, central line does not touch Earth surface) also visible in a wide area of Australia. When investigating these two events I found some intriguing links between the two.

On 14.11.12 we have Solar Eclipse = Sun conjunct Moon at 21Scorpio57 in the 11th house also conjunct North Node 26Scorpio03 & Mercury 0Sagittarius27(retrograde). The theme here is truth & transformation = about awakening to collective consciousness ( Aquarius/11th house). We are asked to transform = to regenerate & rise above petty vindictive attitudes/behaviours/games …to bring truth & transformation to our interactions with others …to humanity!! The Ascendant at 11Capricorn32 gives rulership of the chart to Saturn 4Scorpio41 in 11th and asks us to face our fears (trine Chiron 4Pisces59 & Neptune 0Pisces22) to heal & build spiritual connections by practicing positive communication on ALL levels.

On 29.4.14 the rare Solar Eclipse could be most impressive to see – a ring of light visible as Moon passes between Earth & Sun. With Sun & Moon both at 8Taurus52 in the 7th house conjunct Mercury 12Taurus31, we have an opposition by sign (too wide to be exact) to the Eclipse of 14.11.12. This Ascendant 19Libra02 is conjunct the Venus of 14.11.12 event; making Venus a MOST significant planet as both ruler of the chart, plus of the sign Taurus and the 7th house. At 25Pisces42 in the 6th house conjunct Chiron 16Pisces34 & trine Saturn 20Scorpio52 (Saturn retrograde AND conjunct the Eclipse point of 14.11.12) in 1st house, Venus brings emphasis to our values. The theme suggests that valuing health & daily practices that promote wellbeing (6th house), spiritual values & service to others (Pisces); & relating with others in a respectful manner are ALL required.

As we find ourselves amidst change & growth opportunities – there are exciting times ahead, the keys to having an enjoyable transition lie within us. I have found information like this MOST helpful in the past & encourage you to investigate how each event impacts into your own personal journey. During my research into these events I stumbled upon a wonderful website with brilliant information and images of LOTS of other interesting planetary connections – here is the link.