A Grand 40day Experience

A chance to raise your vibration with Love

Here we are … in the 2nd quarter of what has been described as a “40day grand experience 15th July to 22 August 2012” …a time to “root out old emotional trash that no longer serves us” and to “Raise your vibration with love“.

What exactly is this ‘grand experience’ all about? As an Astrologer, I decided to investigate.

What I found is … YES we are definitely in a VERY dynamic period. A time of cycles within cycles synchronised amongst the many greater cycles of Life forever unfolding.

…15 July to 22 August is a retrograde period for the planet Mercury. It began at 12 degree Leo and will regress through the sign of Leo till 8.8.12 – where at 1 degree Leo, Mercury then goes direct. On August 22 Mercury will again be at 12 degree Leo, completing the cycle. During this time July 29th is another significant date – when the Sun and Mercury are conjunct (6degree Leo) within the retro cycle.

What many non Astrologers may not realise is …that the true Mercury Retrograde Cycle began way back on 28th May 2012 when the Sun and Mercury (then a direct motion through the zodiac) were conjunct at 7 degree Gemini (the first sign ruled by Mercury). The next Sun/Mercury conjunction happens on 10th September 2012 at 17 degree Virgo (the 2nd sign ruled by Mercury). We average at least 3 Mercury Retrograde cycles each year.

What it means to you and me

 …Astrologically, the planet Mercury represents – my attitude – my thinking – my communication – my voice – my memory – my beliefs = learned behaviour helpful/or hindrance; useful/or out-dated; love/or fear = who’s’ voice are you repeating? = are you repeating someone else’s thought patterns? – your name/how you are spoken of – your understanding of GOD/Life; gossip; learning; short trips; capacity to go into the underworld and come back with information.

…Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini (the twins/air) and Virgo (the virgin/earth).

…Retrograde Mercury is a time when we revisit certain areas of our thinking/memory/beliefs; we often replay the old movies of our mind; it is a time of review – often ‘buried stuff’ can resurface into awareness for healing; we can reconnect with someone from our past – have a conversation, reading a book/newspaper etc.

…For each person the experience is very individual (our Natal Chart holds all clues). The sign of Leo also gives us an idea where in our Life we are likely to feel the impact of this energy.

Everyone on Earth is currently experiencing this energy on some level. For each person it will be unique and different – depending on where the Sun, and the planet Mercury sit in the Natal Chart. The current impact has the potential to reveal outdated beliefs and thought patterns; to bring new information into awareness or to allow new connections.

The New Moon at 26Cancer55

A New Moon Cycle began 19.7.12

What else is happening … We are also in the 2nd quarter of a 28 day Moon Cycle which began 19.7.12 at 27 degree Cancer (New Moon = Sun & Moon conjunct) and builds to Full Moon 10 degree Aquarius (Sun opposite Moon); completing on 17.8.12. This Moon cycle has the potential to amplify anything activated in the Mercury retrograde period. It may tend to target buried emotional stuff, bringing it to the surface for healing/release/growth.

Plus, there are strong links here to the rare Venus Eclipse at 15 degree Gemini (Gemini ruled by Mercury) – watch 6-19th September 2012 and 18-22 April 2013 for further activation of the eclipse energies.

Also, there has been a strong Tsquare happening between Pluto, Uranus and Mars (Grand Cross occurred 17..7.12 with Moon). The square between Pluto/Uranus continues till early October 2012, then reconvenes many times through 2013, 2014 and beyond.