My first encounter with Amma happened Saturday 17th April 2004. At the time I described it in my diary like this …” at 1.02am after lining up on my knees & waiting at least 4hours (got to venue at 6pm aprox & waited ages to get into hall – then heard a taped speech by Amma on the need for the feminine to reclaim her power as healer & nurturer of all – men, children & planet as her-self).

As I approached Amma I noticed so many others looking adoringly at her as if drugged or ‘high’. . . Then I knelt before her and she clasped my head & drew me to her left breast – it felt so soft. I breathed & relaxed a bit when I realised I was holding back a bit. I felt a lightness like I was resting into a soft cloud; smelt an amazing smell of roses & all flowers imaginable – rose prominent. As she said her mantra into my right ear  I saw the most amazing deep purple colour & felt peace & serenity. As she released me – I thanked her & made eye contact as I said the words .. .. then she kissed my right hand as if to thank me & also bless my ability to give & receive as a healer. As I left the stage I felt ‘very grounded’ yet forgot the pillow I had left by the doorway before going up. There were about 3 thousand people there all up, and we were between 1251 – 1300.”

Over the years I did return to the Amma Visit (she tends to come to Australia once a year) occasionally and had my second hug in 08/09 where I was given a personal mantra which still resonates in my life every day.


On Tuesday 24th April, I found myself again attending the Amma Visit 2012. This time, I was supporting friends who had never experienced an Amma visit before. The venue was changed from previous years & I was puzzled about how it could work in a Surfers Paradise Resort environment. It worked brilliantly – the energy throughout the whole event was divine! Amma was her amazingly giving self & the vibration of compassion, acceptance & unconditional love touched everyone.

Ammas’ teachings were done with small stories to illustrate her message; the guided meditation was extremely powerful (triggering major energy shifts for some). And as we lined-up for our hugs (it was 1/ 1.30am) we knew there was absolutely no other place to be on the planet at that time.

My hug experience this time was sublime/gentle/welcoming & powerfully aligned with my current life challenges. For the people with me – each had a profound experience unique to them & all agreed it was one of the most amazing evenings.


After supporting my friends to get home safely, I returned to the venue (taking a slight detour to watch the sun come up) in time for the very last hugs – around 7.30am. In the final stage of the visit 2 couples were married at the feet of Amma (mother) in beautiful, romantic ceremonies where each acknowledged all aspects of the other – in particular the ‘inner God/wisdom’.

The final chapter to the event was celebratory & full of music & chanting – a lovely ceremony honouring Life/Love/Connectedness/Oneness. Then Amma exited the building followed by her devotees .. .. .. all had witnessed & contributed to World Peace and Ammas’ mission Embracing the World.