Celebrating ALL things Australian

As we celebrate all things GREAT about our ‘Land of OZ’ it brings my thoughts to all the amazing & unique things I know about my beautiful home – my country. Sure, we have room for improvement in many areas but today is predominantly about CELEBRATION!! Counting our blessings and coming together as Aussies to celebrate our culture and our values.

 We have some of the most incredible land formations, cleanest beaches and unique structures – both man-made & natural. We lead the world in so many ways; we export amazing inventions and brilliant talents (music, art etc) abroad; our freedom and opportunities are amongst the highest in the world.

Most of all I believe what is unique & special about Australia today – is US.

We – the people – ALL of us!

 WE – who have come from many other parts of the world to make this country our home (at whatever point in time) … to try and make it a GREAT place with a bright future for ALL!

WE are the power behind the flag. Not the invaders of the past, or the government of this day or the next. Each of US creates impact with every thought we think and every action we take. So as we fly our flag from the cars, the letterbox or rooftop let us make EVERY thought & action bring about the future we desire.

My highest desire is for all of US to know & experience PEACE within …and all around us…and for this peace to flow out from each of us to the whole world. I know this is achievable. I know that our BREATH is the key – it connects US all!! I know we ARE one = one human family ALL together on ONE planet .. .. unified by our thoughts AND our BREATH.

I know that if WE all continue to breathe into the following affirmations INNER PEACE and WORLD PEACE are realised as we RECONNECT with TRUTH. ***I AM safe now & always *** All of Life loves & supports me now & always ***I am forever releasing past hurts & fears now & always***