U R special, unique, amazing, talented, precious, magnificient, innocent, creative …….& safe ~ just like EVERYBODY ELSE

Welcome back my Love ~ your aliveness is a Gift to the World … I cherish you in my Life!

Unfortunately for many of us, this wasn’t our initial experience – our existence was unplanned or perhaps unwanted by our parents (or that is the impression our ego mind holds). This belief/thought was upheld by a traumatic birth and re-enforced by parental disapproval, difficult school & social experiences … now followed by recurring issues in adult relationships.

Issues of sexual promiscuity, emotional aloofness or ‘overly clingy’ behaviour have been traced to self-loathing & criticism that spills out to others around us and into the wider world. We find ourselves addicted to rejection, or rejecting anyone who genuinely tries to love us. Did you know – You are the Ultimate Healer in your Life (just as I am in mine) and we each have many choices for correcting the lies (based on events at birth & in early childhood) that limit our freedom and bliss.

 The MOST powerful healing tool in OUR Life is our BREATH = when conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) is facilitated by a Qualified Experienced Rebirther/Breathworker we have a SAFE effective tool to begin our healing at the core. Combine CCBs with retraining of the mind – as the ego adopts new thought patterns to replace the old outmoded beliefs – we begin to transform ourselves and our relationships.

CCBs are extremely effective because they bypass the ego mind and connect us with our Deeper Self/ Inner Wisdom where TRUTH exists. As our ego mind heals we no longer display an obsessive need to be ‘special’ or to break with convention and rebel just for the sake of it. We slowly begin to let go of anger, fear, retaliation, addiction, alienation, separation, isolation, pain, illness and disease.

BEWARE: at first this free-er Self may bring up issues around aliveness ( It is said – “LOVE brings up anything unlike itself”) and the need to affirm

– It is safe to be fully alive

 – I no longer need drugs to feel alive

 – it is safe & easy to be in my body

 – It is safe to breathe fully & feel my feelings

 – My aliveness is a pleasure for me & everyone else

– It is safe to be intimate & fear forward

– It is safe to be fully out there & express myself freely & fully

– I no longer have to withhold to survive

Part 3 in this series will explore the topic – You R Safe & Accepted Everywhere