I write this for you (U know who U R) ...and for me ...and for everyone (we R all living with questions & doubts about ourselves our loves & lovers)

Before I go into this 4 Part Series (Pt1: Love = Dirty Word? Pt2: You R Wanted; Pt3: You R Safe & Accepted; Pt4: You R Special) I would like to ‘set the scene’ by reviewing the basic psychological premise behind my writings. I am writing this with humility as an offering of my Truth at this time based on over 20years of personal growth/study/Professional Practice. We are no good to ourselves or each other (let alone a new partner) till we address the hidden motivations that propel us from one lover to the next and the next (serial monogamy).

It is common knowledge that we all have an ego = ego mind is basically the sum total of all our memories/experiences/cultural conditioning etc. Our ego mind is a useful & necessary part of Self. It contains our conscious survival instinct with protective qualities; influences our emotional states and is VERY useful for navigating our way through Life + having FUN.

Ultimately, many of us fail to realise that we also have choice about how to manage this powerful ego Self. And that we also have other facets to ourselves = the deeper mind – often called Inner Intelligence/Higher Self/Spiritual Wisdom. This aspect of Self is often (mostly) unconscious, yet available through various practices such as CCBs/Rebirthing , meditation, or our Dreams (the dream world can be a mix of ego & higher self guidance).

Beyond the Higher Self – or perhaps within it = somewhere deeper in our-selves is the collective unconscious = our link to ABSOLUTELY everyone & everything – including the Supreme Intelligence (often called God). I prefer the name/concept offered by Course In Miracles = “All That Is’.

At any time of any day/month/year of our Life we are FREE to choose to act from information available through any of these sources. The majority of us operate from ego mind most of the time; with many (if not the majority of people) operating almost entirely from ego thoughts of lack, greed, control & need. Ego mind can be the prison that holds us in a state of thinking/being that is detrimental to our health & ultimate enjoyment of Life.

But our FREEDOM & choice IS within US = there are many practical & effective methods for expanding our choices

*by expanding awareness beyond ego

*by healing our version of the past

 *by forgiving ourselves & others for any previous or current FUs (fuckups=that’s the big ones usually)/mistakes/errors/detours etc).

 And most importantly

*by developing or training our ego mind to allow access to deeper awareness

*by generating thoughts that enhance our lifestyle & create higher levels of enjoyment, ease, peace, health & wellbeing while fostering more satisfying encounters with others & the world around us.

As we ‘make peace’ with our ego self and begin to love & completely accept ourselves we are now empowered to come together = to share freely & completely as lovers.

In Part 2 – let’s get clear about how much we are wanted = by each other & by the world – simply for being alive