In the womb baby is insulated & protected as he/she grows & develops. All needs are supplied until baby is ready to emerge.

In the womb baby is insulated & protected as he/she grows & develops. All needs are supplied until baby is ready to emerge.

For most of us, the first Separation Trauma was felt at our birth. That experience of leaving the womb and separating from our mother as the cord was cut and we took our first breath. Yet evidence of Separation Trauma is most often
recognised in very young children (0-7years) as they are parted from a parent or someone to whom they have become attached. With this type of Separation Trauma it is common to witness anger, screaming, tears, sadness and devastation as the raw emotions are expressed.

Gradually as we ‘grow up’ we learn to ‘cope’ with this trauma by burying it or hiding it by using various pacifiers. Until eventually we have ‘forgotten’ the existence of separation trauma until we begin to form close relationships (best friends/lovers etc). Mild forms of Separation Trauma can surface when our loved one/other leaves us to go to work each day or away for a weekend or extended vacation.

The extreme form of Separation Trauma will emerge with death of a loved one/other or the end of an intimate relationship. When, once again that which was buried/hidden comes to the surface bringing extreme emotional turmoil.

A powerful way to heal Separation Trauma is to recognise the link between our birth experience and our breath. For the majority of us birth was extremely painful,
traumatic and scary. And that’s just for the baby. In our culture we put most of the emphasis on the mother during birth. We recognise her fears and pain, and attempt to support her through the birthing as much as possible.

Yet it is the baby who will be carrying his or her Birth Trauma for a lifetime.

Separation Trauma/Birth Trauma is often linked to depression, long-term illness, ageing, emotional disorders, stress, anxiety, alcoholism, substance abuse, violence and crime. Luckily there is a wonderful Natural Therapy called
Rebirthing/Breathwork which effectively supports us to heal our Birth
Trauma/Separation Trauma in a gentle manner. Rebirthing/Breathwork combines CCBs (conscious connected breathing) with the basic principal – All Thought is Creative.

As we move into the deeper healing available with this therapy, we access and release unconscious thoughts formed at birth which often continues to influence our
lives. Rebirth/Breathwork sessions are best started with a qualified experienced Rebirther/Breathworker who has a high commitment to their own healing process; who continues to update their training; and with whom you feel comfortable. The recommended number of private sessions varies, with a minimum
of 10 as an ideal starting point.

When your competency increases with this therapy, it then becomes possible to
Rebirth yourself (become your own therapist). A wonderful introduction to Rebirthing/Breathwork is my 8 week BREATHWORX course where each participant is given the tools and awareness to begin to develop a healing relationship with their breath in a safe supportive group.