This morning, my footprints were the first ones in the sand on the southern end of Palm Beach Gold Coast Australia. The ocean was calm – a low tide revealing lots of interesting seashells. The planet Jupiter (9degree Taurus) and the ¾ Moon in Gemini were directly above as I walked slowly south absorbing all the sights and sounds of this early spring morning.

I breathed in deeply the smell of the sea and delighted in the sounds of the twittering birds excited about the new day about to dawn. It is a wonderful rarity to have the beach entirely to myself. A time of communing with nature, reflecting on my life situations and gaining clarity of purpose.

I read somewhere recently that 9 out of 10 animal species are found in the ocean – if true, no wonder I feel so alive when near it!


 It was a surprise to see Currumbin Creek so low, with sandbanks in some unusual places – looked as if I could easily walk across to the other side. Yet, this is normally quite a deep and busy thoroughfare for boats and lots of other watercraft.  

As I looked across the creek I spotted some of the sculptures from the Swell Festival still on display. This annual event brings many extra visitors to Currumbin Beach during September, as well as promoting creative talents amongst participants.

The Sun (25 degree Virgo) was VERY shy this morning, taking extra long to rise above the clouds. Surfers Paradise was also hidden due to heavy smoke haze on the horizon. Gradually light came into the day….. and more and more footprints were being left in the sand.


It amazes me how many people who are out walking or jogging on this magnificent beach rarely glance to either side and fail to engage in the magic all around them. I feel uplifted and pleased to have left my footprints in the sand today.