Over the years I have been asked many times to facilitate Astrology Classes, and although I often teach some of the basics in a Natal Chart Reading; it has never been the ‘right time’ to do a structured class. Now is the right time.

My love of this wonderful language of symbols began in the mid 1980s in this lifetime (I am sure I have lived other lifetimes where I have also been an Astrologer). This connection has continued to grow and blossom with structured studies, working with clients, research, reading books and articles. Working with Astrology on a daily basis is a bit like having a referdex (street directory) to a city – you have an idea of what type of environment (transits) you are travelling in; and the type of detours you are most prone to enjoy. Yet the choice is totally yours as to what ‘road’ (energy) you choose to utilise at any given time.

Of course, there are always ‘the biggies’ in Life = the major Astrological Transits often indicate times in our Life when we are prone to upheaval/change and the distress involved. For me, my Saturn Return between age 28 to 30 years ( will occur again at 56 to 60 years) was a huge shift. I was also experiencing other significant transits. And when combined, they were enough to turn my world upside-down. During this period I came to see the true value in having a Natal Chart Reading by a Professional Astrologer. This approach to Astrology is worlds apart from ‘pop astrology’ found in newspapers, magazines and the like.

In my Astrology Basics Part 1 we begin our journey into the world of the Professional Astrologer – learning to identify in our own Natal Charts the key ingredients that make up the unique individual that we each are. As we explore the Astrological symbols and their meanings we also delve into the basic elements that make up Life = Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Would you like to join us?