Ancient peoples would connect to the Moon more strongly when it was full – they could easily observe the build-up towards the full and the waning into nothing-ness.  Today, with the help of the telescope we are more informed. We tend to follow the new Moon as it builds to full & returns back to reconnect with (conjunct) the Sun as a full cycle. We see this 28/29 day passage through each sign of the Zodiac (Moon spends approx 2 ½ days in each sign) as a full cycle.

 But what if we took the full Moon as a beginning point and followed the cycle through the ‘nothing-ness’ and back to full? The full Moon is the point at which the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun; perhaps this alternate method of beginning a Moon cycle would contribute more successfully in bringing our awareness back to a more holistic life focus? Moon symbolises emotion and the feeling nature, while Sun is about ego and enterprise.

Tomorrow (at 9.10pm Eastern Australian time) we will be experiencing a full Moon at 26degrees Scorpio. This will usually have the most influence on people with any Inner Planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) at 26 degrees of any Fixed Sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). Depending on the Planet involved, any other Transits and the Houses too; some may experience the event as a profound shift, a menacing nuisance, or a minor hiccup. A Professional Astrologer is best consulted when seeking to take advantage of each significant event.

Until very recently I had the misconception that Vedic Astrology was a Moon centered form of Astrological. Although Vedic Astrology deals very much with Karmic forces and influences in a Natal Chart; and the Moon (in Western Astrology) also symbolises our karmic or past life links, both are Sun centered. That is, they both work off the position of the Sun at each individual’s time and place of birth.

 It seems there is some rivalry between the 2 styles of Astrology; I believe both are extremely valuable and have their relevance to us all. If you feel drawn to have a certain style of Astrological reading – then that is the perfect 1 for you at the time. Some people also find Chinese Astrology fits more easily with their beliefs and understanding. How wonderful it is that we have so many choices available to guide us when we are feeling unsure, lost or confused about our life situations.

As I was doing some research for this blog I also investigated the phenomenon of a Blue Moon – this is when we have 2 full Moons in the 1 month. And it is quite rare.  The pattern appears to be approximately every 3years. Our next Blue Moon occurs in August 2012 (2nd /Aquarius & 31st/Pisces), followed by another July 2015 (2nd /Capricorn & 31st/Aquarius), and March 2018 (2nd /Virgo & 31st/Libra); while the previous 1 occurred December 2009 (2nd /Gemini & 31st /Cancer). If any of these special full Moons have a connection to elements your Natal Chart, it is expected that you will notice this unique event; and even have an opportunity to capitalise on the energies available for healing or expanding consciousness.