Steps to Fitness




 Now that the 28 days in February 2011 are fading into the past, it is helpful to realise that we can utilise the 28 day Moon Cycles (mentioned in Part 2) to continue on our path to improved fitness and well-being.

At this point, it may be useful to ask ourselves – what does fitness mean to me?

For each of us it will often mean very different things. For some, it maybe about loosing weight, decreasing a dress or pant size or maybe just loosing a few kilos ; or for a few it maybe to gaining a little more curves. While for others, it maybe about cutting out certain items from diet or daily intake. And for another group of people, it maybe about ‘kicking a habit’ – such as smoking, gambling, compulsive shopping or excessive drinking.

Fitness may be many things to many people – from those who feel they have only minor issues to address, to those facing enormous challenges. Either way – The ABC of Fitness Feb/Fabulous Fitness gives practical and effective guidelines to follow.

During my Feb 2011 I found myself healing a teeth and gum problem of longstanding with unexpected results. To read more .. .. .. watchout for my next post .. ..