Astrology helps us navigate 'The Road of Life'

Astrology is an ancient language of symbols that has been used by humans for centuries to assist with decision making, planning events, understanding themselves and the world around them; and predicting the future.

My use of Astrology as a Natural Health Professional includes drawing on an individuals’ Natal Chart to gauge their current circumstances, as well as past & inner working potentials. I often cast my eye over the current transits for my clients when making appointments for major healing sessions such as Rebirthing/Breathwork.

The dynamics of Fitness Feb include the fact that for most of the month the Sun (symbol of Self in Natal Chart) is in the sign of Aquarius Рgiving potential for change/new ideas & higher concepts, even eccentric behaviour. The planet Mars (the body) is also in Aquarius for much of February 2011 giving an energy boost to our actions if we are starting bodywork, a diet, new exercise routine.

On February 1st 2011 the Moon is conjunct Mercury and Pluto (by sign) in Capricorn – this brings discipline, structure, stability and planning potential to put in place our new plans for the next 28 days. While, on the 3rd Feb we have a New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) in Aquarius, which is the beginning of the next 28day Lunar cycle (it takes 28 days for the Moon to travel through the zodiac).

Another way to work with the Fitness Feb Concept is to follow the Moon. Every 28 days the Moon begins a new cycle; starting any new project with a New Moon ensures we have aligned ourselves with the powerful energy of The Universe. By following the 28day Moon cycle we could continue our Fitness Feb Healthy agenda all the way throughout the year & beyond. Drawing on the Moon energy allows us to utilise any one of the 28day cycles should we encounter difficulties in achieving our goals on the first attempt.

Visit the Calendar on my website to see where the Moon Cycles begin for 2011.