Do you feel like a dilapidated house in need of TLC/ repair/attention

Do you feel like a dilapidated house in need of TLC/ repair/attention

Fitness Feb – The perfect time to turn your focus into healthy mind/body/spirit. The festive season with all its’ excesses is over; Australia Day celebrations are done for this year, and the children are back in school.

Now we have the smallest month of the year laid out before us ready to be packed full of healthy choices, new behaviours and a rebalance of our energies!!

 Being only 28days long (most years) we can easily achieve our confidence back by following a disciplined plan for optimum health and fitness. Then, as we move beyond Fitness Feb – we are stronger and more confident to continue our healthy habits into the rest of the year.

Here is my yaninayoga ABC of Fitness Feb to help you get started and achieve success .. ..

Assess your situation honestly – what areas of your life need change? Bad habits? Negative thinking? Addictions? Diet? Behaviours? Activities – too much or not enough?

Begin now!! On the 1st Feb have your plan ready and start ASAP. Or BEGIN as soon as you can.

Commit to the full 28 days = if you miss a day or lose your way = START AGAIN = Don’t give up!

Decide areas you need to focus on and how you can best achieve improvement.

Eat healthy, eat less – most of us are over eating, or making food choices that are not in our best interests. Even if your focus is not on dieting, it is still possible to eat less sugar, wheat and diary.

Finish a full 28 days = even if it takes all year!! Then decide if you need to continue further. Focus on flexibility – in mind and body. Fasting for short periods on water and apples or fruit only is helpful for the digestive system.

Gratitude = practice daily Gratitude for ALL that you have – including the choice to change.

Health Practitioners (Medical and Alternative/Natural) are available to help us assess areas that need change and assist our healing choices.

Investigate ALL possibilities = there are often a variety of ways to achieve a goal = become informed. Ask questions; research on internet; read books; try new experiences. Identify weak spots and how to overcome them.

Join a class/group that will assist your plan. Yoga, Tai chi, Martial Arts or Meditation Classes; Astrology, Reiki, Spiritual or Self-help Groups; Hobby Groups or Sporting Teams are amongst the many options available to you.

Keep going when the going gets tough!! Keep affirming your goals = keep coming back to them!

Love yourself = there is only 1 of you on the whole planet! Love ALL of your Self. Love your body = it is the only one you have. Treat yourself with Love always!

Massage = regular Therapeutic Massage gives your whole mind/body system an opportunity to relax, rebalance, regenerate and heal.

Never give up on yourself = you are unique and special! You deserve the best of ALL Life has to offer!! Network amongst family and friends to create a support system to assist you with your goals.

Opportunity is ALL around you!! Be open to new possibilities.

Practice simple healing techniques such as deep breathing and positive self-talk to calm and sustain you. Practice Self-observation = just noticing (without judgement) whatever is happening in you and your surroundings.

Quiet time = have 15/20min in a day alone to be still. Quell anxiety with slow deep breathing and enjoy some timeout to reflect and re-align yourself with your goals.

Reconnect with your Inner Self using your breath. Rebirthing/Breathwork is a safe, powerful Natural Therapy for healing mind/body/spirit.

Stay strong = stay focused on your goals, know success is yours! Support yourself with small rewards for achievement.

Trust the process of your Life = you are in the perfect place and time, doing what is right for you!!

U R unique, divine, special, and one of a kind. Universal Wisdom/Intelligence surrounds you and indwells you = YOU CAN succeed in ALL you attempt.

Victory can come in small achievements at first; and as we continue we find our victories become bigger!!

Watch your Self = as a parent would lovingly watch over a small child = you will thrive when you praise and acknowledge yourself.

Xtra rewards come to us when we choose to move through our fears and attachments.

Yoga is a simple, gently, yet powerful method for maintaining flexibility, balance and good health. The most benefit comes from daily effort, but regular weekly yoga practice builds results over time.

Zoom through your Fitness Feb with zest = know YOU are the power and authority in your Life. You are a success!!

Stay tuned for Part2: Astrology of Fitness Feb / and Part3: Fitness For You – what constitutes fitness? Online in the next few days.