The Moon & Earth in our Natal Chart links to Mother

Traditional Astrology recognises the placement and sign of the Moon in an individual Natal Chart as a strong indication of the Mothers’ influence on their personality. The relationships between a Natal Moon and other Planets in the Chart + Transiting Planets (including Transiting Moon) show even deeper elements of our Mother/Child dynamics.

 Our Moon placement helps explain the experience of many Mums (with 2 or more children) who notice their children are like ‘chalk & cheese’. This can be explained when exploring the Moon Sign of each child – symbolising their relationship to Mum. A child with a Gemini Moon will draw on different elements of Mums’ personality from the child with a Leo Moon. One may be constantly challenging Mum, while the other can be reasoned with.

The Natal Moon symbolises our emotional nature – the nurturing (or lack of) we received as baby. It also provides strong indicators of our own Past Life experiences, including unresolved lessons from past. For example, a Soul will choose a certain Mother/Child dynamic in order to resolve previous life lessons (often referred to as Karma). Therefore any major healing process for the individual usually has some strong link to a Moon Sign, Placement, Phase, Ruling Planet, Progressed Moon or Transiting Moon.

As a Professional Rebirther I will regularly consult my Clients’ Natal Chart when booking a series of sessions. In every case – I find the person in a strong healing Transit of some description which has prompted them to seek a deeper healing opportunity. All Natural Health Practitioners would benefit from consulting their Clients’ Natal Chart/or Astrologer to assist in providing the optimum healing environment by working with Universal Energies impacting on the individual.

Another useful tool assisting to bring Astrology into understanding of our Mother/Child dynamics is the placement of the Earth in the Natal Chart. How often do we use or hear the phrase – Mother Earth? Our beautiful planet symbolises the principal of the nurturing Mother – having air to Breathe, fluids to drink, and food for the body; as well as protecting us from the ‘heat of the Sun’ and other elements. Current computer generated Astrology Programs such as Solar Fire can create a Natal Chart with Earth placement. Although often overlooked in significance, I suggest the Earth placement can be astrologically useful in further understanding our Mother.