Today is the first day of spring 2010. As we come out of the chilly winter season (as chilly as it gets in tropical QLD) I have been pondering the significance of springtime in this part of the world – the Southern Hemisphere. We all relate springtime to the warming of our weather after chills of winter; the re-emergence of plant growth; the renewal of many animal species = eg birds are nesting and raising young. And ‘the coming out’ of winter hibernation into a time of increased activity.

It struck me that – although springtime in Northern Hemisphere occurs in March when the Sun in sign of Pisces; in the South our spring occurs in sign of Virgo – bringing us collectively into a whole different focus each time.

Virgo rules our spring season each year suggesting a need for us to explore and adopt the Virgo traits into our awareness. With Mercury as the ruling planet of Virgo – each year we will experience somewhat different elements of importance depending on the placement and aspects to Mercury at that time. For instance – as we begin this spring of 2010 Mercury is retrograde at 13 degrees of Virgo; while spring of 2009 began with Mercury at 4 degrees Libra = very different!! Collectively many Australians are still focused on the unresolved political situation in Canberra (the election was held on the day Mercury went retrograde); yet at this time it is now ‘out of our hands’ and we can only watch on – seemingly powerless! But we each DO HAVE THE POWER to make choices in our daily habits/health practices and our thoughts/attitude to our environment.

Spring of 2010 asks us to review (retrograde Mercury) and reassess our daily habits and routines. The sign Virgo relates to health and daily habits such as diet, rest, movement/exercise, even meditation which stills the often critical (Virgo) mind. NOW is the time to ask ourselves the important BIG QUESTIONS ~ Am I doing enough to maintain a healthy mind/body? Are my daily habits incorporating balance between activity and rest?  . . .  Healthy food and positive thinking? And if not  . . . What am I prepared to do about it? Having faced ‘the hard questions’ – it is then time to establish goals, and initiate action – setup a daily plan for the next 3months (& beyond). Start with small steps – maybe cut out 1 problematic element per day OR introduce a healthy practice per day. Perhaps begin each day with 10 min meditation and some deep breathing exercises; or begin working with Affirmations/Positive Thought Practice every night (10min is a great start).

Now is a fantastic time to join the yoga class in your area; to book in for regular (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) Therapeutic Massages with a Qualified Practitioner; to learn more about your body/health; to overhaul your diet; to clean out the cupboards and remove anything that doesn’t give you joy to wear or use; to initiate support from a Natural Health Practitioner/Naturopath; to forgive yourself/your friends/enemies for EVERYTHING; and perhaps even commit to some deeper healing/major transformation using one of the powerful Alternative Healing Modalities. There are many Experienced Qualified Practitioners (including myself) who are waiting for your call to action.

This is certainly a magical, exciting, wondrous time to be alive and to choose to be Powerful, Healthy & Healing!