Birth is where Babys first impressions of our universe begins

From Baby’s point of view ~ his or her First (and most important) Birthday gathering would best be held at home; with ‘selected guests only’ invited. Home is a place where both parents are likely to be most relaxed, and where extended members of the family are more likely to be on hand to welcome the new arrival.

But, by far the biggest advantage of a Homebirth – is the potential for an amazing and unprecedented level of support from a Homebirth Midwife. Usually an Experienced/Qualified Homebirth Midwife has the wisdom to begin Birth preparation well before the labour begins. Advice and support can be available on diet, exercise and relaxation strategies; as well as the type of Homebirth suitable for the Mother involved.

The planning available with a Homebirth and support after the event, is much more extensive than what is on offer in most hospitals.

A Home Water Birth would have to Baby’s first preference. Being ‘a creature of water’ (much like a fish) – it makes absolute sense that a Birth from water to water will reduce stress levels immensely for Baby. Dr Frederick Leboyer has published extensive information on Waterbirth/Gentle Birth. His studies have been ground breaking/revolutionary amongst the medical profession.

In 1992 I had the privilege of assisting in a number of births; by far the most natural and gentle was a Home Waterbirth. As a Rebirther, I had met the Mum when she was preparing for Baby’s arrival by healing trauma from her own birth script. Both Mum and Bub enjoyed a calm nurturing environment to Birth in, and received abundant follow-up support/advice from the dedicated Midwife.

Birth is a natural process designed to be pleasurable for Mum and Bub ~ many Mums have found it to be orgasmic when they are well prepared and totally relaxed throughout the process.