Up until a very short time ago (and still in many current scenarios) few people considered the experience of birth from the Baby’s point of view. The focus was primarily on the expectant Mum and Dad – their hopes for Baby’s future and role in the birth scene. Birthing moved away from the family home and into (often sterile) hospitals; where the procedure became more important than even the parents. For many of us currently alive today, this was the setting for our birth trauma.

Birth Trauma could be likened to the type of reception you receive when you arrive at a party or gathering for the first time – if you feel welcomed and connected to others you are more likely to have a good time. But if you were greeted at the door with a punch in the face or a repulsive smell along with physical pain and intense assault on your other senses; you are likely to continue to feel assaulted/attacked or ‘at the affect’ of this attack for quite some time.

Professional Rebirthers/Breathworkers working with Clients have found that from numerous possible birth scenarios comes a multitude of impressions/emotions and Thought Patterns which impact on the individuals’ relationships, health, social standing, sexuality, finances and spiritual concepts. Our birth also affects our ability to learn or relax, and even impacts on our ability to be on time!

Some of the possible Birth Scripts include – breech birth; cord around neck; premature birth; turned at birth; caesarean – emergency or planned; drugged birth; late birth; near death birth; easy birth; forceps; multiple/twins; unwanted birth; wrong sex; held back birth; induced birth; normal birth; big baby birth; born in sac or dry birth. Each script will have its’ own unique players – i.e. nursing staff, parents and others involved; scene – i.e. physical setting and social conditions at time of birth; along with the karmic history of the soul re-entering the earth plane.

Rebirthing/Breathwork Sessions are where the Client can safely access and heal the unconscious memories of their unique Birth Trauma. This is a deep healing process requiring commitment and patience, yet hugely rewarding.