Our relationship with Mum/Mommy/Mother starts pre-birth. It is the most important relationship (primary relationship) we can ever have. She is our first love; and highly influential in every aspect of our early development of trust, self-worth and ability to relate with others.

As a Baby in the womb, we share the same blood supply – bringing the same oxygen and nutrients to our cells for growth/development. This is the only time in our life we are ever truly synchronised and totally connected to another human being.

Most times (not always) Mums womb creates a safe and nourishing environment for us to develop into a healthy infant ready to emerge into the world. While gestating we become familiar with the energy/vibration of Mothers’ body – the sound of her voice and her unique smell. Sharing all of these basic human elements contributes to successful bonding between Mum & Bub after birth.

Often the trauma of birth impacts considerably on our Mother/Child relationship. Therefore it is always advisable for Mum to prepare for birth by – healing her own birth trauma (a Qualified Professional Rebirther/Breathworker is trained to assist). And where possible choose a homebirth with the most natural transition possible – water to water!

As we continue this series of blogs we will explore the possible Traumas of Birth (Pt 2) and how to heal them via Rebirthing; Advantages of Homebirth  (Pt 3) and different styles/impact; and Astrological Links/Symbology (Pt 4) in Mother/Child relationships.