Wake up feeling refreshed & energised

Develop the skill of using your own internal CLOCK – so you are not starting the day fighting with an alarm clock or being jolted out of deep sleep. Click here for how to set your personal  internal clock.
Plan for enough time to achieve the tasks you have to do/want to do
Prioritise what you hope to achieve in this UNIQUE day ahead
An Attitude of Gratitude for every element of the day ahead will bring you more success & contentment
Anytime that you have trouble sleeping  thru the night – practice slow deep breathing – BREATHE in & out thru the nose – click here to find out about DEEP BREATHING – this type of breathing will help the body detox (which is one important function of sleep) and ensure you feel more energised.
During times of sleeplessness thru the night – while you are deep breathing – As you inhale ‘breathe in’ an affirmation; as you exhale ‘breathe out’ tension/fear/restlessness/pain etc.- find one powerful affirmation that becomes your Personal Mantra ~ it gets more powerful the more you use it!! Click here for ideas of Affirmations (PTP) to use.