Therapeutic Massage is relaxing, healing, balancing . .  Regular Therapeutic Massage with a skilled therapist  will bring immense benefits throughout your whole body. Source someone who is Trained & Experienced – often the referral of a trusted friend will point you in the right direction.

There are many different types of Therapeutic Massage – Sports, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Kahuna to name a few.  The majority work on simular principals of gentle expert movements applied throughout the body in sequence. Massage for healing has its origins in ancient wisdom and traditions found in most cultures.

A good Massage will benefit all areas of the recipients’ body, as well as assist with calming the mind and occasionally helping with release of emotional blocks. The list of common ailments helped by Professional Massage Therapies is very long. It includes circulation problems, edema,  muscular aches, fatigue, chronic pain, fibro myalgia,  muscle cramping, injury, cellulite & carpal tunnel syndrome.

In my personal clinical experience (over 20years) I have assisted clients ~
coping with stressful work conditions;
throughout pregnancy;
with various back conditions; 
experiencing age-related symptoms such as arthritis;
many with chronic neck & shoulder pain;
and many others who maintain optimum health with a regular 1hour session.
During Therapeutic Massage the heartbeat is not increased, yet the movement of blood throughout the body is simular to doing physical exercise. Therefore both inner and outer health benefits can be equivalent to doing up to 3hours rigorous workout.

The ideal environment for receiving Therapeutic Massage is one away from loud noise and busy activities. The lighting would be soft, some natural airflow and the temperature will be mild, with gentle relaxing music playing in the background. And most importantly – the recipient/client  feels welcome, safe, comfortable and unhurried.

Other elements to look for when searching for a good Massage Therapist include – visible Credentials or Membership to Recognised Organisation; 
asks for previous & current  health history;
focus throughout the massage is kept on the person receiving; 
keeps distractions to absolute minimum;
maintain constant contact with body using balanced movements;
seeks feedback often to ensure comfort of recipient;
and keeps Silence as the Golden Rule unless client needs to talk.

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