yaninayoga recently researched the ancient practice of reading hands . . . . .  This activity  can be traced back to 384BC, with links to Aristotle and Greek Gods. Many of us are aware of the signifigance of hands found in rock paintings of Aboriginal Australians and other early cultures. While archaeological discoveries accross the planet have found hands made of stone, wood and ivory by ancient civilizations.

The Catholic Church was responsible for forcing the Art of Palmistry to go underground. They branded the practice as ‘linked with the devil’ and murdered anyone who was found engaged in or interested in Hand Reading.

Modern Day Palmistry

Modern Day Palmistry

Today chiromacy, palmistry, hand-reading, chirology is much more accepted; although still not totally embraced by mainstream society. This art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm can also aid in diagnosing and treatment of health issues.

The palms of the hand are further used for healing by many Natural Health Practictioners who practice Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and simular therapies – it is possible to experience and transfer energy if you focus. The left acts to receive energy while the right hand sends it out.

Although often regarded as pseudoscience, this valuable Practice usually begins with the palm reader reading the person’s ‘dominant hand’ (the hand he or she writes with or uses the most). In some traditions of palmistry, the other hand is believed to carry past-life or karmic information, as well as hereditary traits. While it is generally accepted that once lines form on the palm they remain there. New lines are created as a person experiences life.

No doubt each Professional Hand Reader will develop their own individual style based on training and experience. While visiting London later in this year I will have a reading with Gary Markwick – a Practictioner who has developed his skills over many years and comes from a family history of clairvoyance and palmistry.