So far we have explored lots of simple yet effective ways to Breathe into Life – practice of any one of these Breathing Techniques will bring Positive Results.

Now we are ready to taste the most Powerful Breathing Technique I know – Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB). When CCB is combined with the Principal Truth – All Thought is CreativeWe have the Ultimate Healing Therapy on this Planet – Rebirthing – most recently called Breathwork.

At birth we have our first experiences separate form mother.

At birth we have our first experiences separate form mother.


The term Rebirthing came from the fact that during this Breathwork Therapy a client will access and heal aspects of their individual Birth Experience – which for most of us was VERY Traumatic. It was at Birth where we took our First Breath. And it was at Birth where our Breath was linked with trauma/fear/pain. AND it was at Birth that we formed unconscious thoughts and impressions about ourselves and the world around us.

To generate Healing of all this unconscious trauma/fear/pain – we Activate the Breath via CCBs – we keep the Breath Activated and Moving for the duration of a Breathwork Session.  Plus we work with Positive Thought Processes to correct any misconceptions about ourselves and our world. This kind of Deep Healing Work can take immense commitment over an extended period of time.

BUT often Rebirthing/Breathwork is MOST useful in specific times of crisis – where a person may feel blocked (either by emotional upset, ill health or a major dis-ease ). In this case 8-10 sessions can be enough to bring about significant change to get them back Into Life.

To get your taste of the power of CCBs –
– Sit comfortably in a chair (feet flat on floor) or on a mat with back straight
– Breathe IN & OUT through the nose
– As you Breathe IN visualise a circle running from the centre of your chest up into the top of your head & back around to chest (half inside the body, half outside)
– Breathe IN half the circle up into top of head
– Then without holding the Breath – Breathe OUT the other half of circle
– Now Breathe IN without pause – so the Breath is ‘flowing around’ the circle with no gaps between IN breath or OUT breath
– Keep IN breath strong – feel it in the nose as you draw the Breath IN
– RELAX the OUT breath – do not push it out – keep Exhale  same length as Inhale
– As soon as Exhale is completed begin Inhale – no gaps/no holding/no pause – so the Breath begins to ‘roll around the circle’

Continue with this Conscious Connected Breathing only for a maximum of 22 Breaths – then return to slow even Breaths and your normal Breathing Pattern.

If you want to learn more about Rebirthing/Breathwork CONTACT ME.