Meditation /Relaxation is aides by our Breath.

Meditation /Relaxation is aided by Awareness of Breathing Techniques.


How we are Breathing plays a major role in our ability to Relax, Meditate and Heal Stress related Symptoms in our body.

Although there are many forms of Meditation, the most basic type we can use is to Follow our Breath ( Technique explained in the Introduction of this series).  Another Simple Candle Meditation that will Still the Mind and Soothe the Soul is –

  • To light a candle and place it on a fireproof surface at eye level
  • Sit comfortably on floor with back supported, or in a chair with feet flat on floor
  • Slow your Breathing – by Breathing in and out through the nose into the Three Sections of the Body
  • Keep the Breath moving in and out of the Body with no holding of either inhale or exhale
  • As the lungs fill totally with air – gently Relax the exhale out & Relax any tight muscles that come into your Awareness.
  • Once your Breathing Pattern is Relaxed & you are comfortable – gaze at the Candle Flame
  •  Continue to hold that gaze as you Breath Slowly & Gently
  •  When any random thoughts come into your Awareness – just let them go & bring your Awareness back to the Candle Flame
  •  Start with a 3-5min Meditation and gradually build up your time sitting with the Flame

You can add your favourite relaxing background Music to this Meditation to increase your ability to Relax – use the same music each time when first developing you skill with this Candle Meditation.

The Benefits of Meditation/Relaxation are many. As with any new skill – Regular Practice is required.

Here is a Second Full Body Relaxation Meditation using your Breath —

  •   Lay in a comfortable position on a mat on the floor or bed
  •   As you inhale – tighten all the muscles in your Left Leg – hold for count of 3 & when you exhale – let go of all tension in your Left Leg
  •   Next inhale – tighten the Right Leg – from toes up to knee & into hip – hold for count of 3 – then exhale & let go of all tension
  •   With the next inhale – tighten Both Legs – pressing knees towards each other & hold for 3
  •    Relax Both Legs now – totally & completely – letting them ‘melt into the mat beneath you’
  •   Next inhale – tighten the Left Arm by raising it off the mat a little & forming a fist with your hand – hold for count of 3 – then with exhale Relax Left Arm & allow it to return to the surface beneath you
  •   Repeat the same practice with the Right Arm
  •   Then Both Arms together – allowing them to Totally Relax with exhale
  •   Finally we tighten the Whole Body with next inhale – Legs, Arms, Centre of Body & even squish/tighten the muscles of the Face – Hold for 3 – Then RELAX whole body completely. REPEAT this step 3 times (or more) to totally remove all tension – feeling R-E-L-A-X-E-D & wonderful!!

In Part5 – the final of this series we explore Breathwork – what makes it such a Powerful Safe Healing Technique . . . .