When balanced I am in harmony with All That Is.

When balanced I am in harmony with All That Is.

Correct Breathing brings Balance. Yoga is all about Balance – the Balance between our Masculine/Active and Feminine/Passive energies; between Conscious and Unconscious use of will; Inner and Outer Awareness.

When we achieve a Reconnection with Balance, we recognise our Connection with ‘All That Is’ – moving beyond duality to Oneness.

While observing Mother Nature we often see clearly the delicate balance that occurs all around us. From the most basic conditions required to grow a plant, to the awesome dance of the planets in our solar system; and all of space beyond. We observe balance beyond our comprehension.

What scientists call Intelligent Design suggests – Wisdom – a Balance – a constantly evolving Intelligence – of which we play a unique part. This Intelligent Design/Higher Wisdom is in every Cell, Atom and Molecule of our Being.

Although our Breath links us to EVERY aspect of Universal Intelligence – for this Series we are focusing on a Breathing Technique that will bring Balance between the left brain/right brain; Male/Female polarities within. It’s called The Alternate Nostril Breathing (ANB).

To do this ANB – Sit in a comfortable position with your spine supported.

  1. Using one hand, place your pointer finger in the middle of your forehead and use the thumb to close off one side of the nose
  2. Now Breathe In through the open side – take a full Breath in (remember the 3part Breath you learnt last week)
  3. Then using the another finger of the same hand (not pointer finger – it stays on the forehead) close off the open nostril
  4. Hold that Full Breath for a count of three (1 & 2 & 3)
  5. Then exhale through the thumb side of nose (try to let the Breath RELAX out of the body rather than pushing it)
  6. Now Breathe in through the thumb side (full Breath)
  7. Close the thumb side once Breath is in the body – hold for count of 3 (1 & 2 & 3) before letting the Breath out through the other nostril
  8. Breathe In through this side, and continue steps 2 to 8 for 5-10 minutes (do 3mins at first if unsure or uncomfortable with ANB)

You can increase the value of this ANB Technique by closing your eyes and FOCUS only on the Breathing. Once you have completed 3-5 minutes of ANB return to normal Breathing Pattern – noticing how much more Balanced and Energised you feel.

This ANB can be used in times of stress and anxiety or anytime we feel scattered and out of balance. Practice it often. Gradually building up from 3- 5 – 7 – 10 minutes – Your whole system Body/Mind/Spirit will thank you!

In Part 3 we explore the Dynamics of Breath