“What’s the big deal about breathing?  We’re all doing it any way!”

Yes – we are all breathing – it sustains our existence. And to go without it for more than a few minutes causes serious brain damage and eventually death. 

Discover a peaceful place deep within you via this 5 part Breath Awareness series

In this 5 part series Breathe into Life (available each Thursday for the next 5 weeks) you will be transported on a personal journey deep into yourself. This is where your breath begins.

In yogic wisdom the breath is called prana or Life-Force, in Chinese wisdom it is called chi. As ancient wisdom acknowledged the link between breath and Life-Force energy, experimentation led to many powerful practices and traditions. These included Tai-Chi, various Martial Arts, and yoga (which means Balance [Part 2]) designed to increase Breath Awareness [Part 1] and harness the power of the Life-Force energy through various breathing methods.

In modern times, many of us have continued to practice, learn and teach the Ancient Wisdom. And combine this knowledge with new information.

Science can now analyse the particles breathed into the lungs and begin to understand the Dynamics of Breath [Part 3] on a practical level. Using this information some new treatments for dis-ease (like Oxygen Therapy) have been developed.

Breathing techniques are at the core of all modern Relaxation/Meditation [Part 4] practices.

Try this Micro Meditation ~ Take a moment RIGHT NOW ~ Close your eyes and notice your breath moving in and out of your body. Keep your eyes closed for 4-5 breaths ~ notice the sensation of the lungs expanding and contracting with air ~ then EXTEND this Micro Meditation times 3 or more and you will find that you are beginning to connect with a peaceful place deep within you!

Yet, the most powerful healing breathing method to come out of modern times combines ancient yogic wisdom with a Quantum Physics approach to the body’s health. It is called Rebirthing or Breathwork [Part 5]. By using CCBs (Conscious Connected Breathing) along with the concept “All Though is Creative”, Rebirthing/Breathwork facilitates major healing opportunities to the committed rebirthee.