Have you ever wondered why you feel like ‘crap’ when you don’t get enough sleep?? – YES — it’s because you are ‘crappy’ – The TRUTH is you didn’t give your body a chance to DETOX – so you are feeling crap cause your system is clogged with toxins & gunk that is normally/Naturally cleared away while you snooze!!
Next time you get the chance to observe someone in a deep sleep – don’t tickle their feet to wake em up!! Instead, sit with them for awhile & try and pace your breathing (remember, make sure they are in a deep sleep) with theirs.
VERY QUICKLY you will notice how deep & long & slow each breath is!!
That is the Inner Intelligence of the Body ‘cleaning house’/ DETOXing Naturally! And when we don’t get enough sleep, the body misses out on its’ detox cycle – leaving US feeling like crap – low energy, fussy head, sore eyes etc etc

70% of all toxins are removed from the body by our Breathing – Deep Full Slow Breaths – in&out thru the NOSE are the ideal way to help our body detox (especially if we missed out on some sleep) – TRY it for yourself!!