Have you ever heard the saying – “There’s always someone worse off than me”?

What does that tell you about YOUR situation?? Doesn’t it sound like you are affirming you are in a ‘bad way’ = the situation is so bad you have to compare it to someone else in a ‘worse’ situation?
This common habit in conversation is often ‘meant to’ alleviate the suffering of the person feeling ‘bad’ because “It could be worse”           – could be as bad as . . . .
Where is the focus here??

YOU GOT IT!!! – The focus is on ‘bad’, worse than ‘bad’ and the suffering involved in it all!

What CAN we do when it SEEMS like ‘things’ are in a ‘bad way’?

Next time you notice the Thought Process/Conversation focusing on the bad/worse/suffering cycle Take several Deep Slow Breaths – Sigh/Relax
& Begin to notice the
Rainbow in the Storm Clouds, 
  The Gift in EVERY Difficulty, 
  The MAGIC of LIFE ALL Around U & Within U.

Retrain your Thinking – Adjust your focus & bypass the bad/worse/suffering Cycle ~ U WILL feel better, enjoy EVERY Situation

AND most importantly ~

Maintain a Healthy Body (pain & dis-ease cannot live in a healthy/relaxed body)

                                     & Happy Lifestyle

(What do YOU DO? = share your ideas with others – leave a comment.)