Having flexibility usually means we are less likely to have pain with movement. We can do activities that are more strenuous without problem. And we feel confident and secure in our body. Of course the flexible body can indicate a flexible mind. BUT if we feel our body (in its current state) is somewhat rigid – then we focus on the mind to help accelerate the results we desire in our body.

Often we assume that to be flexible we must have a body made of  ‘jello’
– YET flexibility is just as much a state of mind.

The ability to flow with the winds of change can save your life

The ability to flow with the ‘winds of change’ can save your life

 BODY & MIND are ONE – linked and reactive to each other!

Simply begin to monitor your thinking – use Positive Thought Processes (PTP) to plant the seeds of  Health, Wealth, Flexibility, Love, Happiness, Tranquility, Longevity, Abundance ~ breathe into these Positive Thoughts to help bring them to life.

If our aim is a Flexible Healthy Pain-free Body – our Positive Thought Process (PTP) would include affirmations such as

  • My body is flexible, flowing, healthy and pleasing to me at all times.
  • I ….(use your name) now enjoy moving my body with ease and flexibility.
  • I …. lovingly care for my body with healthy food, fresh air, gentle movement, relaxation and enjoyable activities.
  • As I breathe in deeply & fully I feed my body with powerful LifeForce Energy that spreads to every cell, atom and molecule of me.

You may want to make up some of your own PTP for ‘planting the seeds of change’ into the mind – so the body can follow/respond. Just remember that the mind is like a ‘HUGE fertile field’ – often it will be necessary to do a bit of weeding first before taking some time to carefully and consistently plant the ‘new seeds’.

To cleanse Body/Mind/Spirit use Breathwork/Rebirthing …the MOST powerful Healing tool available.

Now combine regular gentle movement with your PHP and feel the benifits flow throughout your entire being . . . . .